Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Easy Company

I just want to say that I could watch Band of Brothers 24 hours a day. What I don't understand is how I have yet to see the entire series. My scrupulous History channel watching coupled with Mark's penchant for the download (back in the day, and that day was the day when this series was on) somehow left gaps in my BoB knowledge. I keep viewing the same episodes over and over and keep enjoying them. I don't know if it is because in this day and age one can't hope but wish for a time when a war had a truly definable enemy that you could hope to set up a plan to empirically defeat them.

But I really chalk it down to my love of alternate history. WWII is the base of most of the great novels in that genre. I am currently enjoying End of the Beginning by Turtledove, a master of alternate history. Many try, but he is one of the few who will paint a compelling picture of past battles with an understanding of how it could have feasibly been different. Turtledove is a rare gem who can adapt his detailed, personal style of writing to whatever he wishes to turn his hand to. Yes, I just ended a sentence with a preposition. I am not ashamed. These things happen.

The only other solid base for alternate history is the War of Northern Aggression (it sounds much cooler than the Civil War). The problem with that particular conflict is that technological advances were not quite so frequent in the late 1800s. Any good alternate history has the good guys being defeated but coming back with superior know how. Nothing is quite so Ameri-centric as some good alternate history. Yes, we are the nation that has the best inventions. We are smarter than those people who are isolationistic and different because they don't embrace us (German), or genetically inferior because they look different (in WWIIese, the Nipponese).

Anyhoo, I got off point. Good directing plus good storyline plus good acting equals some goddamn good programming.