Thursday, January 24, 2008

Scott Adams Stole My Dream! Dick.

Fucker. I just found out.


This morning while preparing my lunch I suffered an injury. Unlike LT I went ahead and powered through and came into work and will put in a full day of toil.

I will put this warning out there for all the kids who play with kitchen tools. When a mandoline puts a stern warning out there to use the hand guard please pay attention! You do not want to take a dime sized piece of flesh off of your finger!

I thought at first that it would stop bleeding soon. I was wrong. I put a compress on it and shoved my hand into a food service glove so I could finish making my salad and sandwich (lunch of champions). I finished food prep twenty minutes late and was unable to have breakfast (100% Kona coffee and oatmeal) before work.

Shit, I had to wear that fucking glove in the shower and getting dressed. Let me tell you that latex gloves and zippers do not mix. I changed the compress to a large bandaid (50 minutes after initial injury) and it was still bleeding. I slathered the wound with Neosporin to try and form a blood barrier and get the bandaid on.

I put on another glove (the previous was let us say....completely contaminated) and drove to work. After another bandaid change (and slather) I was finally able to not have to use a glove. I have a double bandaid on my pinkie and the tip is already numb. This looks to be an interesting day.

So next time you think that "it won't happen to me" remember that warnings are for a reason. That is not to say that I used the hand guard when slicing the cucumber (the injury occurred with the carrots), but I'm a slow learner.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tender regrets.

So last night for dinner I made my version of white boy larb. It is something quick and easy that isn't too bad for me that I can grab the ingredients for in a seven minute grocery trip.

It's basically ground pork served in cabbage or lettuce cups. I couldn't find any napa last night so it was lettuce. Also thrown in are onion and garlic but what defines the dish is the cilantro and lime (juice and zest). Of course spices are thrown in with a focus on Sriracha and other bold flavors that are counteracted by the tartness of the lime.

But after my third trip to the bathroom today (and one in the middle of the night) I'm thinking two poblanos and five habaneros might have been too much.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Late Bach Review

Well, in anticipation of Kuro dining at Bacchanalia tonight I will have to give the review of my dining experience there a little over a week ago. Since my French is rusty (aka nonexistent, I refuse to speak the language of those fromage eating surrender monkeys) don't expect a particularly well done review (yes, I know the cuisine is technically Modern American).

The prix fixe menu is $72 or $115 with the wine pairings. You choose a starter, a main, a cheese/contrast then finish off with a dessert. When I first saw this I wasn't sure it was enough meal for the price. Of course I was wrong. What the fuck do I know about fine dining? That's right, not a fucking thing. Just bring me my wine!

I didn't know that the chef would be sending out smaller courses throughout the night in between courses. There was the amuse bouche of some sort of savory cheese gougère that was delicious to start the evening off. Then there was an amazing small cup of carrot and ginger soup before we even got to the beginning of the ordered dishes.

I don't have the menu in front of me now, as it changes nightly (according to the season and fresh ingredients), and my copy from that night is in my laptop bag that is sitting at home. That means I can't rightly recall all the details of my exact order (especially the wine pairings). My first item was Georgia white shrimp in a spicy consommé. Our server made sure to point out before ordering that the consommé was especially spicy tonight. My interest was immediately piqued.

And that was my only disappointment of the evening. While the consommé was quite good and very flavorful I would never classify it as spicy. The shrimp was also slightly overcooked. The tiny mushrooms (don't remember the exact name) were woody and an excellent complement to the rest of the dish. My Riesling was also very complimentary.

LB got the Gulf Crab Fritter with Thai Pepper Essence. I can't say enough about how good my single bite was. So I won't.

Before the main the chef sent out a dish of diver scallops with what I am guessing was julienned carrot and Jerusalem artichoke. I am not a real scallop fan, but I this dish was enough to make me a believer. I guess I just do not enjoy sea scallops, or poorly prepared scallops.

My main was Pan Roasted Lamb with Root Vegetables. I didn't go with the steak offering because they had changed it from a ribeye to a strip. Now I loved my 28 day dry aged beef, but wasn't feeling the ribeye (though I know Kuro will most likely go for the steak option). The lamb was (duh!) excellent and I was quite happy with my decision as I could feel myself filling up. I was not blown away by the Cabernet Sauvignon that was paired with it, but that may have been because the week before I had opened up a bottle of Gordon Brothers 2000 Cab that I had been cellaring.

Next up was the cheese/contrast course. Both LB and I went with the Pecorino Romano with Baby Arugula with a nice lemon juice and olive oil vinaigrette. I could only pick at it knowing dessert would soon be on the way.

Before the proper dessert we were served a warm spiced (not spicy, so the nomenclature was correct) cider with what I believe was a shortbread cookie.

For dessert I had selected the Meyer Lemon Shaker Pie with Buttermilk Ice Cream. It was this about three inch in diameter perfect little pie with a quenelle of ice cream on the side. It was very tart (which I love) and the bite was taken out if you made sure to eat some ice cream at the same time. LB had some toffee date cake thingee, but I was far too full to be doing a bite of anybody else's food. I was enjoying the Muscat, and finally understood why there are dessert wines. I normally enjoy a nice Port, but was willing to forgo it on that night.

As I sit there replete with fine food they have the audacity to bring more out! A selection of petit fours (and there were four of each!) was placed on the table as LB enjoyed her coffee. If that wasn't enough they brought out two lemon madeleine cookies as well!

Not only was the food at a level that I have rarely experienced, but the service was amazing. If you have ever dined with me you know that I suck down water at a prodigious rate. The water glasses at the restaurant were quite modestly sized, but I was never empty (I also had a prop bet that I would elbow a server in the chest/groin [depending on height] on accident before the night was over and was not let down by my innate inadvertent clumsiness).

The manager/sommelier also came over to talk to us after the meal. We were one of the last table of diners (as will happen with a 2115 reservation) and he recognized LB from her frequent trips to Star Provisions. He had been working the counter there and managing the restaurant at night (but was now just managing) and she had told him all about the bacon gifts she had gotten me for Xmas. (Have I mentioned how disappointing the bacon popcorn was? At least the bacon brittle was to fucking die for.)

Overall rating: 9.4 out of 10 possible Gustatory Gourmand Gestures

Oh, and had a serious case of The Itis afterward. We were supposed to go out for a drink with friends but ended up just crashing on the couch and loosening our belts and groaning.


I did finally buy a new laptop. It was uber cheap and I have started playing teh online pkr again. I did go ahead and cancel my home internet (fuck you Comcast, it wasn't fucking working anyway) and now just tether my phone (I fucking love this Pearl) to the new comp for all my interweb needs.

I was running well then Friday night had three of my sets get sucked out on the river (with it all in on flop or turn) by gutterballs. I obeyed the ape and just walked away. Perhaps tonight I'll roll over to Manny's and have a few beers to get back in the mood for playing.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

"Even a blind monkey can fuck a nut once."

Is going to be the quote of the year. I uttered it yesterday morn in regards to an acquaintance not screwing up the preparation of potatoes on NYE.

Happy New Year and all that shit. Thanks to everybody who made it over to my place yesterday. Don't expect me to serve prime rib next time (that shit is as expensive as it is delicious). Also don't expect me to ever cook greens or black eyed peas unless tradition demands it (blech!). And that was the only expensive bottle of wine that was in the house, so no more good wine either. Well, unless Lito goes back to Germany again soon and brings me some back again.

Maybe he can travel now that he will be gainfully employed again. He should by now finished hammering out his contract with the Miscellaneous Sex Company (not the actual name) for his VP position. Time for my loan (the reason I didn't do December bloggers trip) to get called in. It will be good to have him with positive cash flow. It is important for a person with his generous nature to have money (cause who doesn't like a free drink every now and again?).

Well, we've covered quote for the new year and job for the new year. What's up next? Oh yeah, link for the new year.

As for New Year's Resolutions I will always keep it simple. My fat ass will likely remain fat, so I don't think that resolution is in order. Surf has done a great job in dropping weight, but I'm not sure I can be held to his lofty expectations. Speaking of the man he was talking about updating his blogroll. Maybe that should be my resolution. Before the year is out I will actually have a blogroll. I read a lot of blogs, but don't link to any of them.

As for pokery type stuff I will actually start playing this year. Once I buy a new computer that is. The Pearl will be very helpful in this connection wise. First the new comp, then I'll start up accounts on Tilt and the rest. Bodog has had me chained to their sole teat for too long.

For some reason Gnome thinks that I could have game (if I did the requisite poker book reading and CR offense viewing). Let's hope he's right. I think he just wants his seed money back from when he first got me into this internet pokering stuff. If I turn a profit in the next year it will be due solely to him encouraging me. Oh, and Kuro might have a role if he wants to break down my many mistakes.

Anyway, the new year promises to be very interesting. A lot of cool stuff is on the horizon. I'm turning 30 this year (as is the rest of the old school crew). Matt's going to tie the knot. The aforementioned job for Lito. Kuro is going to reveal his secret chocolate chip cookie recipe. Empire and Da Bruiser will try and not have their home broken into. The Limey may try to find a job after being back in the US for two plus years (he hasn't indicated anything, I just think it would be funny). The Tucker hermit may venture out of Tucker (hell, he made it to my place yesterday). Bibbzor will have to find a job (he can't pull a Limey and wait two plus years).

All I know is that if I'm in the same position at work next year please shoot me.

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