Wednesday, February 06, 2008


For my first railing of a tourney I just watched Kuro take down the Bodonkey. Congrats, you little bitch. You should hire me to observe.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Real Bodonkey

I get home from work and I'm greeted by CNN's Super Tuesday coverage. Mitt Romney scares me. We've already seen what happens when we have a President that doesn't drink. Shit, the man can't even have a cup of fucking coffee. He lets a book tell him that a Mountain Dew is a sin, and people are seriously considering him for the highest office in the land?

Have you ever read the Book of Mormon? My copy is sitting on my bedside table right now (under a pack of condoms). In the midst of everybody (rightfully) condemning Scientology as a cult, this man is running for President of the United States who thinks Joseph Smith translated golden plates that he received from the angel Moroni into the Book of Mormon.

He was speaking in his home state and was doing the standard spiel. The "Washington Oustider" speech. The "Let's Bring the People to Washington" speech. That hollow promise that absolute power would not change him. The promise that Republicans have been making and not keeping for as long as I've been eligible to vote. Yeah, and I bet you'd shrink government too. Pass the Koolaid, please.

At least I got to avoid Hillary's speech while cleaning the catbox.

Vote Sham for Prez! Your loyal Bull Moose candidate!


Super Stream Of Conciousness Tuesday!

The fucking Giants won. I can't cheer for any team from New York. Boston is almost equally Yankeerific, but that almost is where the difference comes in. If the Yankees/Mets/Etc were playing the Al-Queda Allstars it would be a tossup.

That being said I spent a fair amount of time last week telling people to bet the Giants and and take the spread, where I saw a lot of value. I even found myself in the second half wanting the Giants to get it together for the win. Then that Tyree catch sealed it for me. The Pat's line wasn't tackling for shit. They didn't deserve to win the game.

Now it may have launched a new Manning into the stratosphere of a level advertising that has not been seen before, but I can deal with it. That's why I have a remote control (no, I don't have Tivo or a DVR, Richie Rich).

No 19-0 for the Pats. Maybe it's better this way. They can do it next year without the cloud of Spygate hanging over them, or not at all. Do they really want the Barry Bonds' type asterisk next to their record?

Whatever. I don't really give a fuck. I'm just sad the football season is over. At least I have hockey. And I've watched more basketball games in the past month than I've seen in 4 years. Baseball season isn't too far away. I can deal.

The game itself was very enjoyable. I was able to toss around some cards. I got felted when I shoved on the river with a missed draw to Kuro's rivered boat. No big deal, over half my stack was already in the middle and I the only way I would win was to a fold.

(Quick comment: Were playing "A New World", yet another variation game that has gained prominence at Poker Cat Arena. ANW is basically NLHE that turns into NLO by backwards Pineappling. You start with two, bet, flop, bet, get a card, turn, bet, get a card, river, bet. Look at all those outs! Don't even ask about Studugi.)

Jager Bombs and PBR were flowing. Wings and pizza were consumed. Unfortunately Josh had to leave early because his GF was ill, and since he carpooled with the Limey they both had to head. The most unfortunate part of that is they left when there was about 2:36 left in the game! They missed the drive! Oh well, there is always next year and whomever the Patriots play then might be able to pull some shit out of their ass as well.

Oh, and get out today and vote if your state had a primary or caucus (I write one and a half hours after the polls in the ANTA close). Unless of course you are some kind of liberal douchenoodle whose collectivist vote shouldn't count anyway. If so I hope you vote for Hillary, because that is the only way for the Democrats not to get the White House. Not that the Republicans are really giving people a viable option. Damn we need to get away from the two party system. Which leads us to the obvious:

Vote Sham for Prez! Your loyal Bull Moose candidate!

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Friday, February 01, 2008

HORSE betting

I know, I know. I've been saying for 6 months now that the HORSE or FISHRABOT tourney was on its way. I just sent out the email for next Satty about a HORSE tourney in my abode.

Then I look back at some recent emails about the APBT and realize that skidoo's neighborhood game is the same night. Oh well, hope I get enough people for at least a SNG.

(edit: I put the wrong date on my game. It is the 9th and skidoo's is the 8th)

Really folks, it is a chance to prove that you aren't just a one trick NLHE podonkey. It's a limit mixed game where you can prove your many skills (or in my case the lack thereof). It's also an excuse to play some Razz, bitches (for those that don't frequent the low limit home game Razz isn't Razz, it is Razz, bitches).

Or you can just show up to do some Jager Bombs and drop some cash (my usual plan). I might even stock some PBR. You can see the new cat that is staying with me. His name is Cthulu and he is cute as hell.

I just looked at the schedule for next week and it looks like whomever made the schedule wants me to have a heart attack. I have a bunch of folks off next week and the people scheduled to work for them don't know what they are doing in quite a few places. Add in no coverage for sick calls and that equals Sham needing to drop down some Jager Bombs and maybe bomb the pot (ring game only, hard to pot bomb in limit) come Saturday.

Oh, and if you didn't get the email and live in the ANTA drop me a line if you are interested. Or even if you're not. I'm so lonely.

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