Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I knew it!

Finally, an explanation for my coworkers.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Brave Brew World

I've never really been a coffee snob, but that may have changed. For the longest time I only drank the coffee at the Waffle House and that is what I was used to drinking (almost ended a sentence in a preposition there). I drank endless cups of coffee while smoking cigarettes and reading. It was a way to feel a little more adult during my teen years.

I've gained the so-called acquired tastes of whiskey and coffee since those heady times. The adage that you get what you pay for has held out. As far as scotch goes, I prefer a nice single malt (i.e. Balvenie) and small batch bourbons are always good (mmmm.....Booker's). My graduation to better coffee is much the same. Oh, did I forget single pot still Irish whiskey? Nevermind, this is about coffee.

Both paths were similar. I found that as soon as I could discern a difference in quality I was willing to pay for it. This is not to say that I won't drink WaHo coffee anymore! If it is all that is available I will take it because it does do the job. The corollary is an Evan Williams and Coke Zero. If I'm searching for a quick buzz or a quick pick me up I will use the tools at hand. But if I want something to savor the quality beverage is always preferred.

A few years ago when Gnome moved off the mainland to the land of my youth I got my first real taste of Kona coffee. Kuro had gone out for a visit and my GF at the time asked for him to bring me back some of the Lion brand toasted coconut coffee. He acceded to the request and I've been hooked ever since.

Last time Gnome came back to the ANTA I requested some of the 100% Kona to be smuggled back in his luggage. Little did I know he had gotten whole bean coffee (I didn't request grounds so it was my fault). Thankfully I still had some of the Lion Vanilla Macadamia grounds left to feed my fix.

So when I was on vacation I finally got around to buying a coffee grinder. Then last week I finally got a french press. So this morning was the first time I've ever had fresh ground 100% Kona coffee brewed in a french press. I'm not sure if I can ever go back. I am in Gnome's debt for forcing this transition upon me. Dude, I owe you a beer or nine.

I just hope that I never learn to appreciate fine wine. Now that could get really expensive. Unless Fuel decides to give his collection to somebody he's never met, much less talked to. I think I'll just stick to having just one or two bottles of wine that cost more than $50 a year.

Oh, and for the record I can't stand Starbucks coffee. The only place with worse coffee is Radial, but at least they have excellent food to offset their horrible coffee.

P.S. Sorry about the post title. I couldn't stop myself.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Cheap Chocolate Egg Day

Welcome once again to the day after Zombie Day. It is that wonderful day of the year when some of my favorite taste sensations get their prices slashed by fifty percent. I allow myself to have two of Mr. Cadbury's delectable treats a year. One traditional cream egg and one of the newer, more gangsta caramel egg.

A quick side note about caramel. I tried again to get my caramel malt fix at the Zesto's on the corner of E Confederate and Moreland. Those fuckers don't carry it anymore! And once again I have to say that "NO! Butterscotch is in no way a valid option to caramel, you stupid dicks!" Thank god for the Ponce de Leon Zesto's. Who knows what kind of murderous rampage they helped our wonderful city avoid.

Anyhoo, I hope everybody had a good Zombie Day. I got no ham this year, but rather some rather delicious rack o' lamb with a very good rosemary demi glace. I'm not really a big lamb fan, or a big rosemary fan but it was great. Maybe I'll run by Publix or Kroger on the way home and get a reduced-for-quick-sale ham and (not green) chocolate eggs.

Oh, and mad props to Kuro for finding me some Buffalo Trace. That shit is so good. In honor of him finding it I finished off my old bottle (bought two Decembers ago). There wasn't even half a finger left in there, but I was saving it. There was less than eighth of an inch in my glass (not the bottle, but my bourbon sippin' glass) and worth savoring.

Maybe in three days time there will be a full bottle back sitting in my liquor cabinet (aka the top of my fridge).

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Behind the curve

Finally got around to watching King of Kong last night. I wanted to see it when it first came out, but I'm really bad about getting to see movies. I usually only end up seeing bad movies in the theater and never getting around to see something I really want. I see about ten movies a year and normally only one or two of them is something I was looking forward to.

Hell, I don't even get around to watching them on DVD very often. I don't have Netflix because I don't watch DVDs very much. I'd rather surf the channels, surf the intarweb, or read a book, or some combination thereof.

I'm glad that I did see this movie. I don't know if it just further solidifies my nerdliness but I loved it. It had everything. It had uberdorks. It had horrible hair and horrible clothes. It had conspiracy theories. It had The Man (really just the dork establishment) picking on the little guy. I heartily recommend it to everybody.

On a side note, I will no longer have to shush people who want to talk about No Country for Old Men (btw, thanks for inviting me to see it with you, you fucking fucks). I'm catching it over at the Midtown Art Cinema once I get out of work. A 2205 show is perfect for me to catch after work. It's also a bonus that they sell PBR. Too bad I still have to drive home.

Hmmm.....they are still showing There Will Be Blood at The Plaza. Maybe I'll catch that this weekend. If you are a fellow survivor of the Downtown Atlanta Tornado 2008 and want to see it drop me a line.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Elderly Test

Well, I guess I'm officially getting old. How do I know, you ask? The fact that in less than half a year the big three-oh is a reality? That I'm constantly looking at my 401(k)? That I'm worried about a hip fracture at any time?

Nope. Four words from a small Asian woman. "You want eyebrows trimmed?"

At least she didn't ask about the ear hair. I'm pricing coffins later tonight.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Act of Sham

I'm officially pissed of at God now. His fucking tornado that swept through the ANTA ruined my Friday. No, I did not have any property damage. It was worse than that.

I was going to reward myself for not eating absolute crap during my week off and headed off to Zesto's on Ponce for a Hot Caramel Malt. Oh, those fuckers are delicious. Not only does it have the beautiful flavor of caramel and malt, but because the caramel is put in hot it forms little globules of caramel. When those little pockets of caramel goodness burst in your mouth it is transcendent.

So there LB and I are sitting second in line at the Zesto's pickup window. The rain is picking up. There has been some serious electrical activity for the past 10 minutes. Then most of the lights go out, but there still is power inside the building. Hope is alive! Wait for it. Wait for it. 4 minutes later everything goes dark.

Fuck! Maybe our malts are already made. Immediately all the cars behind us in the drive through pull out and head back to Ponce. We wait a few minutes (for the really heavy rain to pass if nothing else) and decide to leave.

We have to go to the Zesto's in L5P to assuage the craving. That sucks because they don't have caramel. Really, what kind of fucking ice cream shop doesn't have caramel? Douchenoodles! Offer me butterscotch instead? Are you fucking mental? I have to get a peach malt which doesn't exactly work well with a straw.

Then, if I want to watch anything on the networks it is all storm coverage! Well, the only thing on the networks I wanted to watch was Poker after Dark, but still. Yahweh, consider yourself on notice. If the Braves win the World Series (of Baseball) this year we can talk.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Live from Limerick

Mmmmmm.......PBR. It tastes so good when it hits my lips.

Alright, lets see how I did this week.

Saturday I did get over to The New Yorker Deli and had the Peachtree Pastrami sandwich. Nothing exciting there.

Sunday I did drink. Nothing exciting there.

Monday I did have El Myr for lunch and it was the bomb diggity. Then Kuro and I did make it out to Limerick (woohoo!) for our free Guinness pint glasses. I know have an entire shelf in my cupboard dedicated to Guinness tulip glasses (well, not really but I could).

Tuesday I made good on my promise to finally try out the fried chicken at Watershed. It was good, but I wouldn't give it the crazy accolades that they normally seem to garner. You get half a chicken (not a large chicken either), two biscuits, mashed potatoes and some green beans. These were not the ham stock simmered green beans of great happiness that I got on my last trip to Watershed, but were ok. However the mashed potatoes were fucking awesome.

I stayed up until 0545 playing the online poker that night. It also marked my switch up from NL10 to NL25. Pounding drinks and pounding poker until 0545 are not a good idea when you have to be up at 1000 to go eat a ghetto burger.

So Wednesday rolls around much too early and Kuro is outside waiting for me and our appointment with Miss Anne. We get there just before 1100 (when we thought they opened) and were the only people there. Miss Anne kindly informed us she opened at 1130. So Kuro fired up his laptop (somehow he forgot to tell me to bring mine) for some PLO action while I tried to will some hunger into being. As somebody who normally eats lunch at 1530 and was a wee bit hungover the prospect of a pound of ground beef topped with Kraft cheese, bacon, and chili a that time of day was a little daunting.

It was an experience that I will never forget and I was glad I had a veteran with me to avoid some rookie pitfalls. Miss Anne's technique is unique to her, but it is her place and she can do whatever the fuck she wants and I think the results speak for themselves. She does all that they say not to do when making burgers. She squeezes them down multiple times with the spatula, she flips them about 15 times, she doesn't prep any veggies and just cuts them with a paring knife over the griddle.

But Holy Fuck it is delicious. I was only able to take down half of mine and the full complement of fries. Kuro also only ate half. If I had waited in line and gotten the full Miss Anne's experience (and it was at least an hour later) I think I could eat the whole thing.

Kuro dropped me off back at my place and then I napped for 3 hours. I went up to Limerick (natch!) at 1730 to meet Tumor Todd and do a little pregame pitcher consumption. The Built to Spill show was at 2030 and Empire met me up there for a little pregame as well, then we rolled over to the show while nicely lubricated.

We got there just in time for the Meat Puppets and a seat in the limited seating section. I had never seen them before but they were pretty fucking good. I emptied my bladder just in time to get back for BTS to take the stage.

They were rocking out but this fucking douchecake in front of us wouldn't shut the fuck up. He was chatting up some broad. Now, I'm pretty passive and would have let this go on another song before saying something but Empire was having none of it. It also helps that he said something instead of me because he is more likely to be taken seriously. He's over 6 foot (6'8" with the beard) and I'm 5'8" (5'7" with the beard), not to mention he looks a little Kaczynski-ish.

Anyways, I don't know what he said to him to start but then dude tries to say something and Empire tells him "I'm not talking to you" (or some such). Douchenugget sits down for the rest of the song and keeps looking back over his shoulder at Empire every ten seconds. The song ends and Senor Fucknoodle turns around and starts spouting shit like "get off your high horse, mister morality". Empire and I just laugh at him while the girl tries to calm him down and takes him outside to have a smoke.

My guess is that cuntnugget was chatting up one of his friend's girlfriends and thought we were calling him out on that when all everybody wanted was him to shut the fuck up. Oh well, the show was fucking amazing and Built to Spill still fucking has it.

Oh, and that second half of the ghetto burger was really fucking good when I got home. I wish I had one now.

Thursday found me having nothing to do but drink. Guess I need to stick to my strengths. I ran some errands before the Sweetwater tour, and remembered that they give you tickets when you get there that you exchange for drinks. So, I ran by Office Depot with the intention of maybe picking up some extra tickets. But the tickets said Office Depot on them, so I thought there was no chance that the brewery would use those.

So I meet up with The Limey, Douchington, and Kuro and we roll over to the brewery. Heading against traffic it only takes 10-15 minutes from my house. So we get over there and don't you know the raffle ticket thingees are Office Depot brand. However, my honesty was rewarded because the glass I got hat 8 instead of 6 drink tickets in it. Also, in only two hours my glass was never empty and 8 was the perfect number of beers to have (short pours).

We rolled up to Manny's after that for some foodage and I must say Manny's ribs never disappoint. Bruiser and Empire came out for some foodage but didn't hang around for cards. Kuro was so tired and practically passing out, but he stayed strong and propped up the game so we were four handed.

I managed to drop two buy-ins quite quickly but some clawed my way back to positive. Good times were had by me. Oh, and the fifth Jager Bomb of the vacation.

That brings us to today. Happy Steak and Blowjob day. Also my liveblogging of mini pub crawl. Two whole pubs and four whole PBRs. I would do more but it is Friday and the bars are starting to fill up.

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PPC 2008

I'm smack dab in the middle of PBR pub crawl 2008. It's where I cap off my vacation by taking my laptop around to area public houses and dick around on the net while drinking (AlCantHang style). Since PBR is sponsoring (by having cheap beer for me to drink) I can only go to pubs that serve the delicious brew.

Well, I actually need to leave Moe's and Joe's now and move on to Limerick. Once there I will try and do a recap of this week's activities. I don't think I ever drank PBR at Limerick. Well, it's about fucking time.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Half of vacation recap

Only 4 Jager shots so far.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

0430? Check!

Into the vacation now. Bankroll at new heights. Can't get to sleep. Was drinking Black Velvets, and beer can't get me drunk if I have online poker to distract me. Switched to Jack and Coke (Zero)s. Reread older posts. Damn I can't write anymore. The new job has sucked all the life and fun out of me. Maybe I'll get some inspiration with a week away from the 'tards. Not fucking likely.

Friday, March 07, 2008


I haven't been blogging lately. One reason is that this it the 100th post to this blog. I couldn't really come up with anything important enough to mark this sacred occasion. I swear it's not because I have a complete creative block and general lack o' shit to talk about. Anyway, here we go.

Sham's Tip O' The Day

If you ever need to buy kitchen tongs, do it at an Asian supermarket. You can get high quality stainless steel tongs for just over two bucks. Even at Restaurant Depot they are eight bucks wholesale. I just picked up two more pairs just because they are so fucking cheap. I also picked up a case of the good ramen for Kuro, cause buying in bulk is cool.


I guess I finally threw some more stuff up on teh intarwebs because I'm on vacation next week. That's right, I'm getting screwed by Daylight Savings Time. My fucking vacation is one hour shorter than everybody else's. And with new evidence that Daylight Savings Time actually wastes energy (too lazy to find link) it's a double kick in the balls.

There will be no Jager Bomb challenge this vacation. Let's just say that it will likely top 35. All I plan to do is eat good food and relax. No real surprise from my fat ass there.

Here is how the itinerary looks now:

Saturday: Lunch at The New Yorker Deli, check on Bane (catsitting for Bibbzor), drink

Sunday: Drink, Bible Study (jk, more drinking)

Monday: Lunch at El Myr, hit up Limerick with Doug and Kuro for the last day of free Guinness pint glass promotion (aka Drink)

Tuesday: Dinner at Watershed and eat the award winning fried chicken

Wednesday: Lunch at Anne's Snack Bar (home of the ghetto burger), go to the Built to Spill concert (I have a spare ticket if anybody is interested)

Thursday: Take the Sweetwater Brewery Tour again after three years

Friday: Discover cure for alopecia. I'm pretty sure it involves drinking

Saturday: How about a poker tournament? Heads up NLHE, or maybe a return of the HORSE? Also available is watching English Premier League soccer at Limerick at 1300.

Sunday: Recover.


Oh, and once again I've starting playing online poker. I had a losing session during lunch on Wednesday and my account was at $666. Omen? Nah, I'm back grinding and now have my biggest bankroll to date.


Back to politics. It is great fun watching the Democratic Party try to fuck up a gift wrapped presidential election. Somehow the Republicans didn't get some complete right wing nutjob and went with a centrist. The Democrats are fielding two far lefties and Hildog (of the snuke in the snizz) has started the mudslinging. I love it.

Really, she might be the most unelectable person possible. I have many a friend on the left who have stated the McCain v Clinton would make it hard to vote for Clinton. She really brings out the vitriol in people (myself included).

Obama is electable, despite the fact that he has done absolutely nothing. But if you can't find anything then there is nothing to attack. Well, that's not entirely true. I'm sure the Clinton camp could and would attack Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King. Obama is a gifted speaker that can inspire people. Unfortunately he is so far to the left that I couldn't vote for him in a million years.

I would love to own a TV station in Pennsylvania right now. The ad revenues for the next seven weeks must be huge.


Oh well, gotta go. 40 minutes till vacation and my kids are in trouble. There are tornado sirens going off in Marietta.