Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blogger Bound

Well, I dropped the skymiles and reserved a flight for Vegas in December. I should have gone last year but somehow didn't make it (yeah, I know I need to be more careful about the people I "stake"). Oh well, better late than never.

It's not like I'm really part of the poker blogger community. I read a fair amount of the blogs, but only because I need something to do at work besides just the work of two people. I don't post any real poker content (when I post at all) and don't play in any of the blogger tourneys (well, I played the Bodonkey once.....terribly). I've met a fair amount of the ANTA bloggers and they are all good people, but it's not like I have any contact with bloggers from out of the metro area.

But, Goddammit, it always sounds like so much fucking fun. It's not like I have anything better to do with my vacation. When I get back from that week off I will be working nonstop until Christmas anyway so I might as well get my jollies first. And Kuro kept fucking bothering me.

So when he sent me his confirmation of the room today and then the confirmation of his plane ticket I knew it was on. 30k skymiles lighter I have a ticket out to Vegas for the winter gathering (and nonstop, unlike a certain cat who has to go through Denver).

The way I see it, I either need to start playing more poker....or I need to get a fucking Stetson to blend in with the rodeo folk. Guess I better start saving my shekels for piece of haberdashery.

We'll be at the IP so I hope to be able to drink, drink, drink. Hopefully I'll make some money, but at the very least I hope to be ahead in alcohol.


Sham's Work Bitching of the Week

What's pissing me off this week? The fact that my direct boss always says "stagnate" when she means "stagger" and can't say "specific" and instead uses "pacific". I'm not even going to go into the all caps emails.

When Gnome was in town last week he said "I love your horrible coworkers." I cannot share his opinion. I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive the people who have made me watch that much judge television. Look here, douchetards! Please stop pretending Judge Judy is high art! Stop giving me the stinkeye for wearing my iPod and reading while you try and deconstruct the case of LaQueesha v Bosephus over an unpaid cell phone bill.

I have to eat my salad in the breakroom, but I don't have to offer up an opinion on why Billy Jo must be lyin' to da judge. All these shows can be summed up in one statement, "don't trust and/or lend money and/or cosign for people with bad credit and questionable judgement." It's stupid people and their friends/family doing stupid things. I'd rather watch Jackass, at least you get to see the idiots get hurt there. Wake up fuckshovels! You don't have to watch the same shit every day!

Sorry, that went on longer than I was expecting. At least I stopped before mentioning their taste in movies.


I was going to review the bachelor party and wedding, but what do you really need to know? If you weren't there it's not important. You just need to know that Gnome can plan one hell of a party.

Later, bitches.....

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Evil League of Evil

In case anybody was wondering (aka too lazy to hit pause) the members of the Evil League of Evil are:

Professor Normal
Fake Thomas Jefferson
Dead Bowie
Fury Leika
Snake Bite
Bad Horse (most awesome villain ever)

......and now Dr. Horrible of course!

Friday, July 18, 2008


Hey, fuckwads! In case you cockbags didn't know Dr. Horrible will not always be available for free. Act III will be released tomorrow and then the whole shebang comes off teh intarwebs to be sold as a DVD (and don't think iTunes won't get their grubby little fingers on it). Sunday is the deadline, douchenoodles. Don't claim you weren't told.

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