Friday, November 07, 2008


For some reason this is the funniest thing I've seen all week.

[h/t With Leather]

Oh, and politics. What the fuck is wrong with people in Cali and the gay marriage ban? Seriously, of all the states with that on the ballot this year I expected them to get it right. And I fuck hate Cali. Use your liberalism for something good you stupid fucks. Stop these stupid lawsuits that fuck with my company's policies and use your liberal douchebaggery for actual liberties.

Oh, and fuck you Obama supporters as well. I'm coming home from work on Tuesday and first notice something amiss when I leave the Publix to head to my house. The normally deserted streets have cars parked on both sides as far as the eyes can see.

Then I get to my parking lot and cars are everywhere. No spots even in the gravel lots. I end up parking in a non-space for my first time in six years. As I'm getting out of my car I notice a guy in my parking lot that used to work with Gnome and Kuro.

"Yo, SS! What the fuck are you doing in my fucking parking lot and I can't find a fucking parking space?! You haven't fucking lived here in four years!"

Turns out Manuel's was having a huge party. The back parking lot had been roped off and they brought out TVs and were serving beer outside. I chatted with SS about the election for a minute (Really, how the fuck do you vote for McCain and then Martin? I'm talking ideological differences, not the fact that Martin is a gargles cocksnot, the fucking doucheweasel. Really, Martin needs to fucking die. His campaign commercials pissed me off more that Toyota's Saved by Zero shit. Eat a bag of dicks, Martin.) and then sent him back to refill the empty beer glass he was carrying.

I didn't have to be watching CNN to know when they called it for Obama. The hue and cry went up with much screaming. OK, cool, it's only 2300 and I'm not going to sleep for a while. The first hour it was no big deal. After the initial eruption died down every five minutes it would start again, now punctuated with car horns and fireworks.

Now, I went to bed the night before at 0230 and slept most fitfully until awaking at 0615 to go vote. I wanted to go to bed "early" and catch up on my sleep. I'm pretty fucking tired. I want to lay down with my eight feather pillows and drift off to dreamland because I need to get up early to check out various eyecare establishments in the morning.

However, there is a small problem here. These fucking bitches won't fucking stop the ruckus. Every five to ten minutes more honking, which starts more cheering. The fireworks are interspersed as well. I almost considered a noise complaint, but I'm pretty sure the people in charge of law enforcement were probably in attendance.

I don't think it stopped until 0400. I'm not sure because me head was buried under my mountain of pillows instead of on top, where it belongs. So two nights in a row I get no fucking sleep. You can imagine how pleasant I was to work with (and for) the next day.

I liken it to my experience with Cubs fans. From a distance they are OK but once they are in your neighborhood they are a bunch of entitled douchenoodles. The sheer fratassery reflects back on who they support.

I hope Obama does well and makes good out of the shit sandwich he is being handed. He has two years before a Republican Congress takes over to do what he can. I just hope these bitches realizes he isn't the Messiah, and if he gets reelected have their fucking party out in the 'burbs. Seriously, fuck those guys. They are as bad as horses.



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