Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted

Georgia election officials should be fucking ashamed of themselves. In the city that has the best ISyE college in the country should be able to solve easy logistics problems. I showed up at my usual time, 0630, and did not walk out until 0900.

There should not be two incompetent people manning the voter rolls. There should not be at least five voting machines open at all times. There should not be six poll workers standing around with nothing to do.

The people I almost feel sorry for are the sorry ass bitches who were at the back of the line when I left the polling location. The line was at least twice as long as when I joined and much tighter packed. They aren't going to see the inside of that church for close to five hours.

I don't care if it makes me look like an asshole, but senior citizens should only get a pass to the front of the line in the designated hours for them to do so (0930-1630). Fuck those old motherfuckers. They are just voting to get more free shit from the government anyway.

That son of bitch Kuro must have had more competent poll workers. He was a sixteenth of a mile away at his polling location and it took him an hour less to get his vote tallied. The impression I got was his initial line was longer. I might just leave a flaming bag of poo on his porch.

Since there was nobody waiting for my voting machine I took my time. Whenever somebody was running opposed Coach Paul Johnson got written in. I hope the success in the polls doesn't got to his head and make him leave coaching.

Oh well, I did my civic duty so I have a right to complain when the next president /senator /municipal gardener takes over and fucks everything up. And I am pretty sure that they will. They always do, the sad cuntslappers. Anybody who doesn't vote and complains can eat a bag of dicks.

We will just have to wait for fourteen more hours to have a provisional president elect. Then we get to find out which party's lawyers will be making a killing challenging results. I see a lot of fraud happening this year, much like every year.

And the best part of my day? The incredibly fat man in a purple suit with matching purple leather shoes. For some reason I think he was the Democrat's lawyer for my polling location.

Bull Moose, bitches.



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